My Yorkie Peachie – Dreams when Sleeping

sleep-car-yorkieDid you know that your Yorkie probably dreams too? Or, maybe you have already witnessed this event. What do you think they are dreaming about? Maybe they are dreaming about chasing the birds or maybe an another Yorkie? Read the story below to find out what the dog owner thinks about it.

Oh Peachie! Once again, I was awakened from a rare afternoon nap this last weekend. My precious Yorkie, Peachie (aka “Princess Peach”) was trying to bark in her sleep. This little 6 pound Yorkie had her mouth closed but letting out little barks which sounded more like whimpering a little while barking. Her cute Yorkie eyes fluttered and her feet started trying to run. She is definitely dreaming. Maybe this Yorkie is fixing to get a treat in her dream.

Is This Yorkie Adorable when Sleeping?

Yes, I know, this Yorkie is cute and adorable, but dreaming is one of the reasons she no longer sleeps in the bedroom at night, due to disturbing her owners sleep! But don’t worry, her and her sister, Daisy (aka “Princess Daisy”) still get to snuggle and watch TV with their owners during the day when we have time to watch TV, but this Yorkie needs her own bed for night time! So instead, now they sleep in the foyer where they have their own dog bed, food and water. They are fine with this too. They do not whine about it like you would think. They are more than happy to go to their own area and get their own sleep. They do not like our snoring anymore than we like their dreaming disturbing our sleep. You must find your happy tolerance level with your Yorkie to have the best relationship with him or her. A good nights sleep means a lot to you and your significant other, whether that would be your Yorkie or your spouse. Keeping both happy makes everyone happy in the household! Another thing that will keep everyone happy is to learn about Yorkshire Terrier Training.

I am going to catch my Yorkie dreaming on video soon, I promise. So come back and check for updates on this page! Just bookmark it or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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