Should I Keep my Yorkie Dog?

Should I keep my Yorkie?

Are you frustrated with trying to make your Yorkie mind? Did your Yorkie potty on the floor? Are you second guessing your decision to get a dog? We are here to help you. Most dog owners get frustrated with their pets at one point or another. No pet is perfect all the time, especially playful dogs such as Yorkies. You are not alone, even I have had my weak points with my Yorkie and Chorkie and thought about finding them another home.

I had considered what my life would be like without them. I would have more freedom and relaxation. But I would miss my furry little children too much. It takes patience to take care of them, just like raising kids. I have a friend that got rid of her dog about six months ago because she was out of patience trying to train the dog to not tear up things in the home, and to not potty on the floor. What really happened was she was working quite a bit, and she wasn’t available to train the dog properly. Learn more about Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Training.

Taking care of a Yorkie is a Big Responsibility

The things listed above are things you should consider before you purchase or adopt a Yorkie, or any dog. Once you make that commitment, it is your responsibility to take care of your Yorkie to the best of your ability. You shouldn’t get rid of your pet just because you don’t want to deal with them anymore. Image what the world would be like if everyone ditched their dog, their kids, or other responsibilities because they just didn’t want to deal with them. If you still are considering getting rid of your Yorkie or other breed of dog, please¬† just put them in time out for awhile in a room and shut the door. Come back in an hour and see if you feel the same way.

If you have already purchased or adopted a Yorkie, and you don’t have the proper amount of time it takes to train him or her to¬† be obedient, then you could enroll them in Obedience School, which they offer at most Pet Smart Stores. If this is not an option for you, we have a Yorkie for Sale or Adoption category on this site. If you are having potty training issues, please read more about how to potty train your Yorkie to pee on command and the proper diet for a Yorkie.

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