Yorkies Gone Viral – Everyone wants a Yorkie

Yorkies gone viral - everyone wants a YorkieIf you own a Yorkie, then you already know that everyone seems to love Yorkies, also known as Yorkshire Terriers! There are several of my friends and family that have decided to get their own Yorkie after spending the weekend at our home, or even after spending a few hours with us. I even have two co-employees that have decided they want a Yorkie after being around our Yorkie and Chorkie at work.

My sister, Linda, has a Chihuahua now named Rocky, after spending New Year’s weekend out our home. My friend, Kim, has a baby Yorkie now, after petting our dogs at work and visiting with us. Another friend of mine, Laura, now has her own baby Pomeranian that her husband got her, and she was mad that he didn’t get her a Yorkie instead. A former co-employee of mine now has a Yorkie, as well as her mother breeds them. They all absolutely loves our Yorkie, Peachie (aka Princess Peach) and our Chorkie, Daisy (aka Princess Daisy).

So, my point is that Yorkies have gone viral. They seem to influence people’s decisions on getting a pet. Yorkies are such loveable and caring socialites that people fall in love with them immediately! So beware to all animal lovers, a few moments around a friendly Yorkie will give you pet fever!

Are Chorkie dogs as Social as a Yorkie dog?

Most Chorkies (yorkie chihuahua mix) are quite the opposite of a Yorkie, and are know to be unsocial. Chorkies are much like a Chihuahua and are scared of strangers, and bark and growl at most people. Although, you can work on socialization with a Chorkie and improve their behavior. The Chorkie wants to hide behind their owner, or under an object from strangers. Our Chorkie, Daisy, has improved drastically over the last 6 months with her socialization. She gets jealous of our Yorkie, Peachie, getting all the attention and decides if Peachie can be petted, then she wants to try.  The Chorkie, Daisy, is getting where she will come up to a stranger after a few minutes, and instead of running off when they reach down to pet her, she hunkers down and waits to be petted, and thoroughly enjoys it for a couple of seconds, then she runs and hides. Both Peachie and Daisy are quite loving dogs to their to family and love to give “puppy love” which are hugs and licks to their owners, as well as receive belly rubs in return.

Daisy the Chorkie - Yorkie and Chihuahua Mix

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